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Michael Ring

I wanted to say thank you again to Tracey Walker for making such an impact on me about getting clear on my why. Picking me in the crowd for a live Q and A has done more for me than you will ever know. It was just what I needed at that time. I was able to get out of my shell and talk out loud about my WHY and speaking it to our Empower Network Family has totally put me in the space not let anything hold me back to succeed and inspire others. Thanks again for your leadership.

Terri M. Malveaux

Tracey Walker went in ya’ll!!! Tonight’s call was awesome! Tough Love 101 I call it!! I needed to hear EVERYTHING! If you missed it you missed out! Thank you Ms. Tracey I appreciate how transparent and honest you are. You’re a wonder we’re blessed to have you. “Marketing to Everybody is Marketing to Nobody”

Natalie Gouche’

Uhhhm if you listened to that call by Tracey an still don’t know what to do as far as targeting YOUR audience…. Man o man you’ve missed the boat.

Find out what Sasha eats, where she spends her money, where she shops, how much money she makes Etc. THAT my friends is where you market!!!

Brilliant. Simple and powerful.

Ken Beckford

I get emotional thinking about how this gal has helped to change my life…

…Tracey Walker, you’re a blessing!A true #WealthAngel…

Happy to be a part of your movement!

Much love and blessings

Janelle Glenn

My first check is on the way. With the skills I am learning in Empower Network, i am earning checks. Overall I am happy I am becoming a better person and that everyday i am tapping into my power because I have the ability to do what leaders do because I am a leader. Thanks for all you have taught me Tracey Walker.

Lauren G Reliford

I’m so excited about San Diego. After 4 whole years. I finally get to hug the woman who first inspired me to get in this online marketing business in the first place and saved my life on July 18th when I joined this business. My self-esteem was in the toilet. It rises everyday at top speed since I’ve been with DT. I listen, get my feelings hurt (get over it quickly) and assimilate. Thank you. 

Ps. The changes are happening so rapidly. I can’t even tell yall everything. But maybe some stories are better saved for in person. Hope to see you on the 19th, but if not I’ll definitely see you by the 21st. Gonna go play around San Diego. 

I love you, Tracey. With all my heart.


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