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tracey_walker_speaking_1Tracey Walker is a dynamic business, marketing and inspirational speaker that can cover many topics addressing building a successful business online and overcoming the obstacles the keep most from reaching their dreams.

With years of experience in the corporate world as a business professional and trainer, she is committed to bringing the very best every time she speaks at an event.

Dedicated to Results

Tracey Walker is an amazing empowered woman – sharing the energy with large and small groups. She shares a wealth of knowledge and holds nothing back from her audience. Tracey has been through a rigorous process called life and now she presents her story, struggle and success before you. Offering not only entertainment but information. Find out the formula first hand that has made Tracey Walker a distinguished leader.


For your training program, Tracey will share from her arsenal of expertise the perfect blend of techniques that will perfectly match your organizational goals. Every organization has highly talented individuals, however, without the proper training it will often become mute. Tracey’s expertise, complimentary skill sets and delivery style will complete your personalized training requirements.

Tracey is “client driven” and the consummate team builder, which is the beginning of understanding your business and goals. She will begin with a personal call with you to become familiar with your organization and your desired training outcomes.  After she integrates this knowledge into the exercises, activities and delivery of the content you will see RESULTS!


Expert Topics

As a keynote speaker she will be remembered for her delivery and the ability to engage an audience and leave your organization feeling deeply inspired.

Dribble, Pass, Shoot
Discover how to focus back on the fundamentals of business in times of overwhelm, confusion or uncertainty.

Learn how to: 

  • Keep your eye on the goal no matter what is being offered to you in the marketplace
  • Discover what the fundamentals are in your business
  • Brand yourself with your target audience so they recognize you are the obvious choice to work with
  • Be effective in working with others in a team and letting go of the ego
  • Improve upon YOUR best and highest paid skills
  • Take the proper actions to generate income on a consistent basis and adjust when necessary 


The Ultimate Team Building Formula
How to create and attract a DREAM TEAM to work with in your organization that will NEVER leave you hanging! 

Learn How To: 

  • Establish a front line of leaders who enjoy helping with the mission you set forth
  • Create environments that cultivate leaders
  • Facilitate conflict with a win-win attitude
  • Build auto-pilot systems that enable growth of your organization without you needing to be present
  • Retain more talent you acquire by edifying and showcasing accomplishments and successes of others


How To Start A Profit-Pulling Blog For Your Business
Discover how to create a blog for your business and expose and expand your brand to attract more customers, clients and revenue.

Learn How To:

  • start a blog, the simple way
  • build yourself as the expert
  • increase engagement to promote virality
  • generate cash-flow with your blog (yeah!)
  • build a following of loyal advocates
  • and so much more! 

Creating The Marketing Plan You Never Thought You Needed….Until NOW!
Your Marketing Plan is the most important piece of the revenue-generating formula.  Discover how to create this 1-page resource, tailored just to you, that can be the magical change and focus your business needs to thrive.

Learn How To:

  • Create the 1-daily action that can keep you in front of your targeted customers without fail
  • spread the word about your products and services throughout the use of social media, professionally
  • use a Facebook Business Page effectively for  maximum exposure and profits
  • automate your follow-up process with prospects so they continuously see what you have to offer, without your “physical” personal involvement.
  • identify your REAL target market
  • Drive “the right” traffic to your website to have a consistent flow of leads

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  • Speaker at Live The Dream 1 in Las Vegas 2010
  • Speaker/Trainer/Co-creator of Social Marketing Mania Training Event (Summer 2010)
  • Speaker at Live The Dream 2 in Las Vegas 2011
  • Featured Speaker at Empower Network’s “Don’t Be A Wussy”  event in June 2012, Atlanta, GA
  • Speaker at Empower Network’s “Fight The Forces of Evil” event in Sept 2012, San Diego, CA
  • Atlanta Pitch Summit Panel Speaker 2012
  • Headline Speaker at Empower Network’s “Release Your Inner Badass” event in January 2013, Austin, TX
  • Headline Speaker at Empower Network’s “Get Money 2013″ event in April 2013, Chicago, IL
  • Headline Speaker at Empower Network’s “Don’t Be A Wussy 2013″ event in July 2013, Denver, CO
  • Headline Speaker at Empower Network’s Regional “Fight The Forces of Evil 2013″ event in October 2013, Washington, D.C.
  • Atlanta Pitch Summit Featured Trainer 2013
  • Posh Hair Expo 2013


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  • Some are called to directly serve the homeless. Some are called to directly serve the hungry. And I salute you.

But my calling?  My calling is to directly serve the entrepreneurial community. The group of people who want more, believe More and who have and are willing to DO more!

The economic health of our people is not to be ignored. The financial ability to take care of ourselves, our families and contribute to our chosen charities is of the foremost importance.

Without having the knowledge or expertise to create your own income in THIS economy, you are more subjected to "powers that be" as it relates to where you live, how you live, what you eat, where your kids learn and where you can receive health servicing.

Listen...I'm going all out to help YOU, the entrepreneur, market you...first! Then your products and services... because in business...it's nothing more than people working with other people.

So who represents your company better you? Who feels your passion more than you? Who knows what you deliver in the marketplace more than you? 

So it's time to market YOU first...and then all else can follow appropriately!

  • I totally get that many of us are watching Super Bowl LI right now...(fun times I must say...go #atlantafalcons)

However once it's over, and the winning team is celebrated, those affiliated will have even larger paydays because of their production.

But your life (just being honest, sorry) will pick up on tomorrow more than likely just the way you left it on Friday... So tonight at 10pm est, I'm going to reveal how to create a simple income plan to help you break free of that 9-5 or the stagnancy you may be experiencing in your business!

The football millionaires are getting theirs....are you?? Dial-in to join me at 10pm est
(641) 715-3670, pin: 761166#

See you there!

  • In my life: I've been rich a couple times and broke a few times just the same.

I've had nice cars, beautiful houses, and some of the finer apparel and accessories.

And I love my life, my accomplishments and the "stuff" I've been able to buy.

But now, things have changed...mentally for me.

I'm a mom. A single-mom.

And I've realized how little time I seem to have, lol.

Yeah, I make the cash... I won't front.

But let me tell you: - running errands, - trying to get a nap in, - grocery shopping, - working out, - speaking at events - studying, teaching and training others, - running a business, a team and being on Leadership councils, - trying to have a social life let alone a personal life, - spending quality time with my son, - and all the things my life has now that it didn't before... Can truly be overwhelming.

I literally feel guilty when I can't get my obsession of working completed at times. (I'm good though, it's just how work-a-holics process things in their brain, lol)

So you see, this isn't about just being rich anymore.

This is about having time freedom.
This is about making money (so much more than I have in the past) on auto-pilot.

This is about traveling abroad and knowing my webinar will generate $30K while I sip on my mai-tai!

This is about creating wealth...true wealth.

I'm done being rich..my focus is on wealth building, freedom, and peace!

If your ready to shift your focus or already have and are excited about what the future has in store regarding your increased wealth and abundance.. Let me get a "Woot woot" in the comments!!! Yasss!!! And then be sure to like and share this post... I'm telling you, it's time to #LiveLifeFree!
  • Join me TONIGHT (1-29-17) at 10pm est for my weekly "Freedom Call"! Tonight I'll be sharing exactly how to add more value to the market so you can increase your income!! See the call-in details on the photo!
  • Your income is DIRECTLY proportionate to the value you add in the market place.

If you're not making the income you want, be honest...ask yourself.. "How much value am I bringing to the marketplace?" Then go out there, get better then show others how to get better too!

That's where your blessings are waiting for you :) #livelifefree
  • Question: How long have you been asking yourself, "How do I get more leads for my business?" "How do I attract more paying customers?" "What's the EASIEST way to increase my sales?" And how many times have you actually come across the answers that worked for YOU? 
EXACTLY. Because THIS is the answer you've been searching for but haven't found until now.

If you're looking to get more leads and increase your sales, you DESERVE to attend my free training.

It's to-the point and what I teach in it works. 
Yep, that's right, I'm only going to show you the battle-tested plan that I use and that's working right now. 
Do you enjoy posting on social media all-day with no results? 
Do YOU like passing out business cards event after event, having to manually follow-up while still hoping someone responds? 
Of course not...Because no one does. 
In my BRAND NEW presentation, you will learn how to effectively use a simple 5-step online process to attract prospects to YOU and then convert them into active and exciting new customers without force or annoying "salesy" strategies. 
I'll share with you: > The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make when it comes to building their businesses online > How to leverage and expand your brand without wasting countless, unproductive hours on social media > The 2 things that 7-figure entrepreneurs have present in their businesses that those who struggle do not > The simple, proven, 4-step system that secretly uncovers your unique abilities, helps you identify the exact group of people proven to buy from you, and how you can consistently generate sales on auto-pilot inside your business right now > Plus a whole lot more 
All you have to do is click the link to register for the free training webinar today. 
You ready for massive online success? 
Then click the Learn More button to reserve your spot today.
  • So this week, I have been working on a few things, namely my new blog post that I believe ANYONE who is currently or who seeks to market a business on the internet would get some value from.

It's called "5 Marketing Secrets To Help You Attract More Customers and 10X Your Sales!" If you're someone interested in this kind of material because you want greater results.. Then I'd love for you to check out the post (by clicking the link in my bio)! I hope you enjoy it!
  • This year, 2017, I will acquire my dream home. I've honestly been making excuses why I shouldn't or couldn't get it.

But you know what?

I decided I WILL have what I desire!

I deserve it..
My baby deserves it.. And doggone it I'm just tired of not having it!

It's senseless to not have what I want, especially when I can have anything I want!

So now that you know what MY main goal is for 2017... What's yours?

1. Tell us what you will accomplish in 2017 in the comments below

2. Share this post so we have more positive energy around each of our declarations!
  • I don't know about you... But when I get the chance to experience "True Happiness" like the photo expresses (like I did yesterday morning)... after a long weekend of working, training and masterminding with 6&7-figure earners...while simultaneously trying to keep a 2-year old calm, engaged, and smiling vs crying... It literally feels like what I think heaven is all about!

Bliss my friends...frikken bliss!!! Ahhhh, sleep...my long lost cousin that comes to visit once every 6 months, lol 😂 
Anybody feel me on this??

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