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about-traceyTracey Walker is an entrepreneur, published author and network marketing consultant that hails from the south-side of Chicago.

After graduating from Hyde Park Career Academy in 1994, she continued her education at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, FL at the School of Business and Industry (SBI).

Tracey matriculated through a 5-year rigorous Masters program and graduated Magna Cum Laude in the Fall of 1999 with an MBA.

Unfortunately, she did not have a job right away, and her father began to expose her to real estate investing, more specifically short sales.

They traveled and attended seminars across the country learning about the short sale skill-set, and she LOVED it! However, after a year, in 2000, Tracey was offered a marketing position as an Energy Trader in Atlanta, Ga that she accepted.

In that role, Tracey worked long 12-hr shifts, 7a-7p for 4 days. Following with 4 days off. However, when she returned back for her next 4-day shift, her hours flipped from 7p-7a.

It was during this time that she realized the corporate life she was trained to be part of, really was not what her heart desired.

She leaned on her real estate trainings during this time and began to build a real-estate investment business on her off days, part-time.

On Sept 11, 2001, the tragic events at the World Trade Center took place.

As a result, Tracey’s company and processes were affected and they began a series of layoff’s.

On March 1, 2002, Tracey was officially laid off for the first-time (and she declared it would also be her last time!).

Using her severance package funds along with unemployment, Tracey ramped up her real-estate business and went full time.

Just 4 months later in July of 2002, Tracey received the phone call that would change her life forever.

He mother, called from Chicago, to say she had been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and the doctors had only given her 6 months to live.

So, in August, Tracey packed up her car, drove back to Chicago, and took care of her mother.

(Thank GOD she didn’t have that job to fight with.)

Unfortunately, on March 2, 2003, Tracey saw her mother take her last breath as they held hands.

From that point forward, Tracey dived back into her real estate and went on to build a very successful company, generating between $60k-$90k per MONTH!

Here’s what happened next:

  • In 2005, she got married
  • In 2006, they built a custom 3500 sq ft home right outside Chicago for about $525k
  • In 2008, the market began to shift downward and closings were not as frequent
  • Her cars went into repossession
  • Her home slipped into foreclosure status
  • They filed bankruptcy twice to postpone the foreclosure sale date and buy more time
  • In 2009, their home was appraised at $350k…and they decided to walk away
  • They moved back down to Atlanta to start over anew
  • In 2012 she got divorced, due to the damage done in the relationship during the previous years

And that gives you the overview of some of the toughest years Tracey has ever experienced.

Nonetheless, through it all…

She NEVER gave up!

During the 2007-2008 era, as the market began to turn, Tracey began to look for alternate means of income, and getting a job, was NOT an option.

It was during that time that she was introduced to home-based business.

During her first years in home-based business, Tracey was an offline presenter in her first network marketing company. In this role, she not only led her own organization, but also trained the core team in Chicago of over 2000 distributors. It was here where she honed in on coaching and training serious network marketers to be successful.

She also began to realize how awesome the network marketing industry really was and wanted to help more people experience the power and success it contained!

Mid 2008, Tracey sought out mentors to help her learn how to market online. Once she found Daegan Smith and tapped into his trainings, his teachings and his methods of building online empires, Tracey discovered THIS was the playing field for her.

As she became more skillful, Tracey utilized her internet marketing knowledge to personally enroll over 70 distributors in her second company. She was subsequently introduced to an attraction marketing system where she became a top 5 producer of all-time in the system, earning between $8k-$10k/mo, but ALL ONLINE!

This level of accomplishment opened up the “Tracey Walker” brand and Tracey began to flourish and become known for her speaking, blogging and training of others!

In 2011, Tracey teamed up with David Wood in the launching of Empower Network.  And after just 27 months, she crossed over $1M in commissions earned with the company and became the 1st woman and 7th overall affiliate to become part of the elite Millionaire’s Club with the company.

Other Notables:

Here are some of her notables you should be aware of:

  • Proud Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc
  • Published co-author: “The Power of Leadership” Series 2009
  • Generated over $100k in sales from her signature video course, “BeBlogSavvy”, February 2010
  • Featured on “Conquer the internet” DVD filmed in L.A.
  • Speaker at Live The Dream 1 in Las Vegas 2010
  • Speaker/Trainer/Co-creator of “Social Marketing Mania” Training Event (Summer 2010)
  • Featured leader and editorial write-up in Home Business Connection Magazine, June 2010
  • Instructor on Better Networker
  • Speaker at Live The Dream 2 in Las Vegas 2011
  • Generated close to $8k in one day from a product she created in less than 10 days (prospecting, follow-up and closing cds) 2011
  • Generated over $250,000 in net income in 12 months as an affiliate of 1 marketing program
  • Achieved the status of earning over 6-figures in 6 months
  • Featured Speaker at over 17 Empower Network International Marketing events since June 2012
  • Published Author of “The Ultimate Team Building Formula: How To Create A Loyal Team Culture, a Rock-Solid Infrastructure and An Army of Leaders Within Your Home-Based Business Organization” (2014)
  • #1 Female Income Producer inside Empower Network
  • Creator of the “Live Life Free” System (Consulting Course)
  • Self-made (actually ‘team-made’) millionaire

And now, after ALL OF THAT….


Tracey is finally in a place of peace where happiness is her primary focus.

  • She is the mom of her handsome, fit to be King son named Jasiah.
  • She bought her dream car, a Maserati Gran Turismo.
  • And she has a thriving business as a result of learning the skills – that NO ONE can ever take from her that are in high demand during this “Information Age”.

So as you can see Tracey has, had NOTHING handed to her.

She worked her butt off to make things happen.

She had ups and downs like everyone else.

She has experienced losses in family and in life.

She has lost businesses and gained them back.



Nothing is impossible and Tracey believes you can have all that your heart desires.

You ARE in the RIGHT place.

If you are ready to make a change and experience the abundance that has your name on it, Tracey can show you what works…. but it will ALWAYS be up to YOU to work it!

To your success,



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