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In 2009, everything changed. My real estate business crashed, my home was foreclosed, my cars went into repossession and filing Bankruptcy twice was the method I used to try to save it all. But I didn’t give up, although many times I sure felt like it. Instead, I pressed forward. And in less than 5 years, I now live in a new home I love, I drive a Maserati and am a self-made millionaire!

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  • The secret to my success: I market me first. My business second. I suggest you do the same!
  • My indoor pool...coming soon!
  • Sometime it takes work to realize you don't need to work! My plight of being a #workaholic
  • On our way to school (Jasiah) and then on to the gym (me). I love my life!! What are you grateful for this morning?
  • Sometimes you just gotta dress up, get out and be the star you are!!
  • The vision I have is manifesting! And I will continue to speak aloud the birthright we all have!

It's time to truly Live Live Free!! Open your eyes and realize no one is going to take care of you. No government. No institution. Only you and those who may love you.

If your retirement has been snatched out from under you, or if it won't be enough to live the life you foresee... I promise, you must do something now.

If you're working a job that's cool but you know it will not allow you to save, invest, travel and be mentally free, expecting change while you remain the same is blasphemous!

If you've started on the path of free enterprise, creating your own income, your own cash flow business, and you're inspired by what's possible for you, I applaud you!

But if you are struggling to figure this marketing thing out so that your business runs smoothly and with predictability... There is a way to fix that fast...and I mean like within the next 45-60 days! 
I'm looking for 7 more case studies... People I will work with 1 on 1 to help take their business, no matter the company, to the next level!

You must already be in business, not thinking about it.

You must be serious about getting results.

And you must be in a position act with speed!

I know my life has the calling of teaching and mentoring written all over it.

I know why I'm here.

And it's to serve you. To help you. To inspire you to live life free!

If you'd like to see if I'd be able to help you (and I truthfully can't help everyone) and you want results fast and are willing to do the work... Schedule your complimentary strategy session with me now!


I can't promise you wealth, as that's up to how you build and handle your finances. 
But I can promise you a way to build a business and generate an income that without assistance you'll continue to feel like you've got a bunch of puzzle pieces you find difficult to put together.

Living life free is a right...yet still a choice.

You no longer have to be enslaved to your job in exchange for monies that keep you in bondage, designed only to force you to come back each day and work forever with nothing to sho
  • Life ain't been no crystal stair...but I vow to climb the staircase of success regardless...freedom awaits!! #blessed
  • I strive to build my business and my legacy based on the foundation of leadership and not management.

Which one do YOU prefer?
  • My trainer!!! @lojfitclub Werk Tory!!

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